Vex AI prices

I am thinking on buying my own field so I can work on programming at home…I am waiting for the vex GPS system to come out to the general public. What do you all think the price is going to be on that system. I currently am thinking that it is going to be pretty cheap ($100 - 200). But then again it is VEX so I don’t know. This is for next year.

well, the jetson nano is $90, the sensors are another few hundred, and iirc the software is $500 so… its gonna be quite a bit more than $100.

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Have a read through this thread VAIC Status Report
No prices yet but it seems VEX are working towards sensors that should be reasonable. Jetson nano was a stop-gap whilst they developed their own hardware. It would surprise me if the cost of a V5 sensor exceeded the cost of the V5 brain.


I wouldn’t expect anything lower than $400 tbh


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