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Hello, I’m relatively new to VEX. I’ve been looking at the vex parts and I’ve seen that they have CAD parts in the part descriptions but is there a directory or some websites that contain all of the models for the vex parts all in one place?

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ik there are a number of user made folders too, just search the forum for them.

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For IQ parts: CAD use for IQ - #14 by Art_Dutra_IV

Oh I’m looking for EDR CAD parts, I’m so sorry for the misleading tag

In this document are links to CAD libraries for various CAD software. CAD for VEX Robotics (2).pdf (300.8 KB)

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I personally use the VEX Discord CAD servers CAD Folder.

Discord Server

Folder (Inventor)
2020 VRC - Google Drive
Not sure what else the folder can be used for but thats what i use


I have been unable to locate the omni-wheels CAD file using the search feature here. They do not seem to be included with the “all parts” download from vex. Anyone have a lead for me?

Have been waiting to get through the verify step on this server

In this link, they are available as the “228-2536.STEP” file in the “VEX IQ Structure, Motion Elements” folder. All of the individual STEP files in that ZIP folder use their part numbers as the file name, as these do not need to be translated to different languages to be understood by folks around the world.

The part numbers are available in the VIQC Legal Parts document for cross-referencing.


I had been converting the full zip folder of step files in to Solid Edge and was doing it in batches. I had neglected to move the last batch in to my directory, the part in question is in there. Thanks for the reply!


Hi. I am Squidward.

I use Fusion 360, a very professional and nice CAD modeling program that I use for my robots. I have made a Vex Iq parts library that is ORGANIZED. I have put the parts in main folders and sub-folders for easier management and use. This can also be used for other programs.

warning This folder is categorized according to how I would prefer and like it. So if there is something you can not find or want somewhere else, I am sorry

here is the link:



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