Vex Cad Trouble

I am attempting to CAD my prototype, but after downloading the VEX parts file library, I only saw set C-channel sizes… I need specifically sizes such as 2x10, etc but the sizes given were 2x35 and nothing else?
I am using Autodesk Inventor 2018 I use this method for cutting c channels and plates

My god
Teams have finally gotten too lazy to actually cut the metal and instead just cut it on cad

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If this is a joke: :smiley:

If this is not a joke: it’s easier to get it wrong in CAD. Just ctrl z. Real life, not so much


It’s just a joke
*looks over at other team and sees them on cad. They appear to be cutting metal on cad
Me:what are you doing
Them:were cutting metal
Me:that won’t do anything for your robot though…
Them:shut up we’re lazy
Me:ah so everyone on my team last year

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