VEX Change Up Hood Release Ideas

We’re planning how to release a hood, please share your ideas and thoughts. Please Post Videos Pics of your robots and how you release your hood.

I was thinking about a ratchet but im sure there are less complex ideas out there and maybe some that are more consistent

You’re correct- a ratchet is definitely not necessary for a hood release. There were many methods of hood releases shown in recent early season reveals that you can check out. One that I think is alright is just having a zip tie going through chain and having the hood tensioned so that when the outtake spins the zip tie comes loose and the hood pops up. There are better ways to do this but it’s a start if you’re just looking for ideas
(A disadvantage of this are that the zip tie can get caught on stuff if you’re not careful)


Haven’t tested anything out yet, but from what I have seen there are 2 main avenues that teams are taking.

  1. Powering the hood with a motor and changing the angle that the standoffs are at, moving the hood up
  2. placing the hood inside of your rollers, and once you power the rollers to move forwards, the hood flips up by banding it backward.

I definitely think the second option is better as there is no need to waste motor power on something that can easily be done passively. Also am not sure if you want any flux in it or you want to have some kind of locking mechanism (like a hook) that keeps it from moving at all.


my hood folds down on top of my launcher, and I just loop a rubber band on my launcher roller around the tip of the hood, so when the launcher spins forward the rubber band unhooks from the tip of the hood and the hood is free to pop up.


Is there any chance of this rubber band getting stuck or caught or anything. And do you mind sending a pic of this.

you can see it in my reveal, I show it a few times. it doesn’t ever get stuck

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If a rubber band is a problem, you could just do the same thing with any sort of hook, whether it rotates with the roller and grabs the hood or it is on the hood and the roller slips off it.

How would you build this hook onto the sprocket.

Now that’s for you to figure out my guy

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Our teams hood is very simple, but it works.



The idea I had was to have the flat plastic material as a latching mechanism, and the first ball pushes it into the locked position.


You could also use 9MotorGang’s design, and use a rubber band that is released when you move a wheel or gear. That is what we did for our iq conveyor


Is the flat bearing the stop for the hood? If so I suggest switching it out as the plastic will slowly start to bend.

It is to stop the hood. That is an old picture and we have since modified it. We are are building from home and have limited parts.