VEX coding studio brain problem

hi , I’m in a high-school and we just got our new V5 vex system, I already learned to program the brain but the problem that I have is that the VEX Coding Studio doesn’t read the brain or cortex and the computer does.And just for you now it is a V5 cortex.

I am not sure exactly how to solve your problem without more information and there are others more qualified than I. However, it is NOT a V5 “Cortex”, it is known as the V5 Brain. It replaces the Cortex which was V4. Proper terminology is important in engineering.

I read Cortex = V2. I’m not sure where I came across this, it’s not my list.

V0.5 = PIC
V1 = PIC with VEXnet
V2 = Cortex
V3 = ARM9
V4 = IQ Brain
V5 = V5

yea, originally cortex was announced as 2.0

Man that link was a trip down memory lane.

Remembering when VEXNet was just being introduced…

All the PICs and the old transmitters.

I wasn’t involved then, but it is kind of humorous seeing people so excited about the cortex! It was probably cutting edge back then. Not so much now! The person that designed it must have had the smallest hands ever. LOL. In ten years, we’ll probably be saying the same thing about V5s.

the first system I competed on was the PIC. We weren’t super excited for the Cortex, the controller was what excited us the most.

the bigger motors too.

For me, it has been: Maybe not the official designations, but
V1 pre-PIC using the Innovation First Robot Controller and a ground RC transmitter
V2 PIC with the RC Crystal Transmitters (Radio Shack VEX kits)
V3 Cortex with VEXnet backpack
V4 Cortex with video game like controllers
and now V5

I view VEX IQ as a separate product line