VEX Coding Studio for Beginners


I would like to start a topic for beginner programmers using the VEX Coding Studio. To start this topic, I would like to share my video where beginners can learn how to create, download, and launch the Move Forward for Time from the historic webinar by Jesse Flot at the Carnage Mellon Robotics Academy using the VEX Coding Studio for the V5 system. Video can be found at



Here is another video explaining the Motor.rotateTo and Motor.rotateFor Commands in VEX Coding Studio.



A Video explaining Motor.stop (brakeType::coast), Motor.stop (brakeType::brake), and Motor.stop (brakeType::hold), in VEX Coding Studio.



Here is a step by step, detailed video on how to program, download , and run a program for Tank drive with arm and claw control using VEX C++ in VEX Coding Studio for the V5 system. This is meant for people with little to no programming experience with the V5.



Hello, scidkelly!

Thank you for sharing this content with the community!
With this path we can learn the functions quickly!


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My latest VCS help video on Competition templates!

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There is VCS reference documentation here.
Quickly looked at the video’s and they look great.

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