VEX Cortex - can it run as a stand alone controller without a remote?

I am using the vez cortex to run a simple motors on and motors off program. It works fine as long as it’s hooked up via USB cable to the computer. I need it to start and stop on its own as soon as I turn on the power switch. Can that be done?

Yes. Are you coding in ROBOTC? In one of the menus, you can choose USB Only, VEXnet & USB or VEXnet only. Choose USB only.
VEXnet & USB gives it time to connect to VEXnet before timing out.
Terminology may be a little wrong there, been years since I used ROBOTC, but if you have a play in the menus you’ll find it.

Thanks, and you have a good memory !!! Yes I am using ROBOTC. I have found the “USB only” from the drop-down menus at the top of the page. Thanks.

So now, according to what you said, I should be able to just turn the Cortex on and the program will start and stop automaically?

Please advise and thanks in advance!

In VEXnet & USB mode, the Cortex will try to establish a VEXnet connection before running. After a while, it will time out and run anyway.
In VEXnet Only mode, the Cortex requires a VEXnet connection to run the program
In USB Only mode, the Cortex will run the code without trying to establish a VEXnet connection, so will start running as soon as you switch it on.