Vex Cortex Help

Recently our school has started the local Vex Robotics competition that happens every year, and I’m currently working on the electronic side, coding and wiring motors to try to get them to work. However, I’ve been having trouble getting my the motors to spin. I took some pictures of our robot set up below, and I’m using the exact same code that I was using last year that worked, so I’m confused on why the motors won’t run. We checked the voltage in the battery and hooked up our motors to the battery via a direct connection and both seem to be working fine. Please help, I’m not sure where exactly the issue lies, but it’s getting frustrating.

In one of your photos (on your official post) I noticed that your joystick controller did not seem to be turned on. Could that be a problem?

I download the program from RobotC onto the robot with the cortex turned on. Afterwards I plug the USB end connected to the computer into the controller, so its connected to the cortex. After that, I turn both on and wait for the three lights to light up, so I know that they are connected. The Joystick and VexNet icons light up and are solid, and the Robot Icon flashes once every second or two.

I’ve also noticed that not many people use the 2/3 wire motors anymore, which is unfortunate since our Robot completion exclusively uses those types of motors.

Competition exclusively Cortex/393 motors? I thought they all had to be open to V5 platform to be qualifying.

In the Kansas BEST Robotics competition, which my team and I are competing in, we are all given four motors in advance, the same ones in the pictures on the other post. However, on a tangent, I was reading that VEX wont be using RobotC anymore? Is there any truth to that, or are they still supporting it?

RobotC for VEX is being phased out with the Cortex electronics system; RobotC will not be updated to support V5. RobotC will be succeeded by VEX Coding Studio which is exclusively for the V5 electronics system.

Would my code in RobotC from last year then still work today?

Your pictures show the Cortex electronics system. Thus, if you are still using RobotC, your code should still work.

I do you know if there is an issue with the Cortex itself?

The Joystick and VEXnet lights are solid green, but the Robot light is a single flashing red. Both batteries that we are using seem to have full charges when we connect the wires of the motors with the connection of the battery.

Are you connected to a competition switch while testing?