Vex EDR lifts - CAD

Are there any CAD models of fully assembled vex EDR lifts?
EG - DR4B, Cascade, 6 bar, scissor lift, chain bar, 8 bar etc.

  1. Yes, some exist
  2. Take a read:
    How to build "Hugger" robot?

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By asking for the cad files of lifts you essentially asked for someone to give you instructions on how to build one. The point @Sylvie made was that the forums will not just hand you the blueprints to a robot or subsystem, and he chose to convey that by linking an older thread in which a similar thing happened, so you could see how the forum responded and learn from the advice given in the later posts. I’m sure if you search the internet enough, you will be able find enough information on at least how the lifts work and be able to build one yourself. Good luck!

There’s always this (although I have no idea where the original CAD is now)

and details of the design here

It was copied a lot, every year I see another clone.

I definitely didn't use this last year with an improvemed sliding mechanism...

But in all seriousness probably about 2000 of the views on that video are me.

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