Vex FTC Motor Mounts VRC Legal?

In <R8> of The Tipping Point game manual, it says that

a. Products from the Cortex, VEXpro, VEX IQ, VEX GO, VEX 123 or VEX Robotics by HEXBUG product line cannot be used for Robot construction, unless specifically allowed by a clause of or cross-listed as part of the VEX V5 Product lines. For example, the Shaft Base Pack (228-3506) is a VEX IQ component that can be found on the VEX “Drive Shafts” page, and is thus legal: https://www.

The FTC Motor Mounts, however, are listed under V5. This would make them legal for V5 use, would it not?

I’m really just curious about this, and don’t plan to use it for anything.



yes, that legally would be allowed. But I wouldn’t advise it, since it’s likely an oversight and could be removed any time. And you might have a hard time making your case to insistent inspectors.


Yep, just an oversight. I’ve added the designated competitions that these mounts can be used in.


It’s seldom that a @DRow post makes me sad, but this one does.

It’s just bent metal in a few different shapes. Why not let V5 users go for it?

Edited to add: This appears to be the only part tagged FTC. In looking at the drawings, they all look like they could be used in different ways for supporting structure. It looks like one of them has holes that lines up with a gear pattern that would make an interesting pivot point.

Throw us a bone, no real cool metal VRC/V5 shapes in the past few years. @Art_Dutra_IV has been tossing my VEXIQ roboteers new shapes on a regular basis. (Absolutely no peer pressure there :slight_smile: )


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