Vex IQ 2nd Gen availability Q for employees

Vex Iq 2nd Generation –

This is mainly for any employees.

  1. when will electronics be available to order on their own? (Ie 2nd gen cortexes, batteries, snesor, et al.)

  2. Will there be a structure pack to add the new structure pieces to our supplies without ordering entire new kits (From glancing at the parts sheets I’m thinking about things like the ratchet and pawl, 'Y" shaped conector, new 2x angle pieces, trapezoid, etc)


All of these questions were anwsered in NEW IQ Gen 2!.


Well, based on my reading of the other threads, no the question hasn’t been answered.

  1. My reading says that the individual products will be offered ‘in the future’ This is useless information for the coaches, like myself, who are in the process of determining what electronics and materials we need to order. The future could be next week, or it could be next year. Vex should know what their supply chain looks like, so they should have a ballpark date for when they will have shipments in the country available to offer the individual electronics.

  2. I could not find a reference to any structural component upgrade packs. I may have missed it, but I could not find it. There are quite a few people who are asking the same question that I could find, but no official answer. So I asked it again. Vex hasn’t done this in the past for IQ when new parts come out, instead choosing to force everyone to buy entire structure piece bundles to get 1-2 new components. As a result I am not hopeful, but again, Vex should know their supply chain well enough to know if this is going to happen.

If someone can point me to a specific date range for the individual components, or structural upgrade bag, please post a link.



We understand that this is not the full answer you would like to hear.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a specific date range yet for when the individual 2nd generation control system products will be available for standalone sale. As with the automakers having idled factories because of a lack of computer chips, computer GPU’s selling for way above market price due to shortages, Sony not being able to keep Playstation 5 in stock, and nearly everything else that contains semiconductors (including from global companies many times larger than VEX), critical computer chips are being rationed to everyone amid the global shortages.

We are unable to build more 1st generation VEX IQ electronics, and we sincerely do not want to have a repeat of the “ships in 8 weeks” saga from the launch of V5.

However, products that do not contain semiconductors have a lot more certainty.

We will be offering the full 2nd generation structural and motion parts (everything in the 2nd generation kits except electronics, including the new 2nd generation storage bins that they are shipped in), as well as a variety of new add-on packs based upon the new VEX IQ elements available in the 2nd generation Competition Spare Parts kit, with availability starting in the fourth quarter of this year.

The Coming Soon web page will be updated soon with more details on these new pending IQ add-on packs, but they will include a new Corner Beam Pack, Winch & Rope Pack, Rubber Tread & Balloon Tire Pack. Hybrid Gear Pack, Linear Motion Pack, and Thin Plastic Sheet Pack. Details on these add-on packs were delayed so we could initially focus on the launch of the flagship IQ 2nd generation and new EXP kits over the past few weeks.