VEX IQ Brain 2nd gen (very urgent)

Very urgent-
I’m writing a sponsorship letter. I want to write how much each product costs but I don’t know how much It will cost or when it will be released. So, please can I know when it will be released and how much it will cost by itself

There are unlikely to be answers to either of these questions at this time. However, you could make an educated guess at an approximate price based on the 1st Gen Brain cost.


ok thanks 20charrrrr

(Googles the meaning of “very urgent”). It is worth a google.


?? Sorry I’m not following. But if u mean it wasn’t urgent, it was because I had to send the sponsorship letter on that day and I needed a full reciept of what our sponsors would be spending their money on

The current V1 electronics (brain, battery, controller, controller battery and charging base) is about $225. I’d uplift it by 20% to $268 and that will put you in the price range +/- a few dollars.

The price of the V2 full kit didn’t change much ($ 379 → 399) with new goodies and a new case.

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