Vex iq code blocks flywheel PID control

We are trying to rapid fire our disks into a consistent location with a flywheel.

Right now the flywheel has way too much power so we decided to reduce the speed using code.
The only problem with this is that it is then very hard to consistently rapid fire.

We want to create a code that always stays at a set speed – let’s estimate 40rpms. We think that this can be achieved using PID control.

If you have any idea how we could code this please let us know!
Also if you have any general flywheel suggestions, we would love to hear them! :slight_smile:

  • Team 7163B Chewbotca
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Hello, My suggestion is that you guys should keep the motor speed the same, because the motor speed will slow down when you add a lot of pucks, also I think I saw you at worlds for pitching in last year

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PID is something that will work for this, and there are other controllers out there that will work such as Take Back Half (TBH).
Here are some resources to help you better understand these algorithms.

  2. PID Controller - BLRS Wiki


The George Gillard article is very good, as it provides a lot of information in an easier to understand way, provides nice pseudocode, and discusses the process of tuning PID.

Hope these help!

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