VEX IQ Field Riser Idea

For those of you interested in a VEX IQ field riser that is relatively cheap and does not require shop skills or tools, I have put together a simple group of (6) 2’ x 4’ folding tables from Home Depot that work really well as a replacement for more expensive setups. Here is the link to the tables and a
photo of the setup:


That works out to $270+tax. Unlike a lot of other solutions, this will store away nicely and at the end of the day you have something that’s useful: Tables.

You have me tempted… I was looking at Caution Tape’s IKEA solution, but it would be about $100 more and I’d have to drive an hour to go to IKEA.


As a follow-up, Home Depot provided next day delivery to the house for $8.00 as they did not have enough at my local store. With this setup, the table is 22" off the floor, slightly higher than the official 16" at Worlds.

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Are the extendable parts of the legs able to be pulled out completely? Would get it down another 2-3” by the looks of it and make the height difference negligible.

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You could cut off the bottoms of table legs

For another solution, you could just crouch down on some pillows to simulate a raised field, but it may hurt your knees.

I actually thought about doing that! However, it didn’t make sense for the price.

For programming skills especially, you need an actual raised field to practice on so you’re not running around on your knees.

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Hmm, that’s different. What I would do was time how long it would take for me to run around the field to the starting position, then just stop the timer when I ran around the field, adding the time I got later.
However, there will be no running on the Slapshot field this year, because it’s all along one wall

How does it do holding the edges / borders of the field? That’s been my issue with 4’ long tables, the 4’ ends just at the perimeter tabs.

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To get around the issue with edges, I actually spaced the tables apart just enough to cover the 3" of combined overhang. Therefore, there is gap that splits the tile seams down the center of the 8’ span. Same for the 6’ span. I found that the gap has little impact on the surface flatness and stiffness. For the students, it’s more important that the edges be supported than the seams based on my experience.


Here is a better view from underneath showing the gap on the 6’ span. The seam is right on the edge of one table.


Honestly, I’ve spent too much time thinking about raising VEX IQ fields.

This one has a little bit of overhang… It’s all metric so they were able to work it out to be a little bigger than the actual field. Nice!

I was thinking of possibly gluing the tables together to form a solid field, but then it would be quite useless otherwise.

If you’re in the USA and looking at the IKEA solution with imperial units:

LACK - Side Table, black - 22x22 "
$12.99/ piece x 6 = $77.94

LACK - Coffee Table, black-brown - 35 3/8x21 5/8 "
$39.99/ piece x 6 = $239.94

LACK - TV Unit, black - 35 3/8x10 1/4x17 3/4 "

Total: $337.87 USA


Me and my dad are making a floating field, putting RGB strips under it and making the vex room in our house look cool. Wood and all cost around $200. If we asked someone else to do it it will cost us $100 extra. Here is a example but with a bed


That looks really cool. Can you show us a video of how the field folds up when you get a chance?

We definitely need more LEDs! I wish they would release the kit or code used at worlds so we could have the LEDs go with the matches.

The point is that it can’t fold. It’s meant to stay out on the platform. After Iq is over I am going to use it as a bed frame.