Vex IQ Forum, This Site May Be Hacked


For most of the past year, the Vexiqforum website comes up with the message, “Website not secure” when opening via Safari. Now when I google “vex iq forum”, it brings up the vexiqforum link, but has a “This site may be hacked” message under the link. None of this is instilling a lot of confidence in using the Vex IQ forum… Can we have this fixed? We reported the “Website not secure” issue months ago.
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This is related to the site’s lack of TLS/HTTPS. Google, primarily, has recently taken the initiative of actively discouraging users from visiting such sites.

Related discussion took place in this thread.

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Thanks, yes, I remember the past discussion, but Vex seems to have little interest in fixing it.

VEX has an overwhelming avalanche of issues to deal with, most of which ship in eight weeks, so i can’t blame them for putting this one as a lower priority.

LOL “most of which ship in 8 weeks.” You right.

Someone put that in a picture frame, it needs to be preserved for the rest of history.


Just gonna link my post in that thread:
Considering how they completely ignored that post I guess Vex just doesn’t care about customer security.

Understand, but this has been a while.
Now with V5, more similar to Vex IQ brain/code/etc, it would be nice to see them combine forums. Honestly almost no-one is on that forum but questions could benefit VRC in some cases too and many mentors are the same for VRC and IQ.

New forms ship in 8 weeks.

I would love to see the forums become one! I think there is a market open for an educational series for those transitioning from IQ to EDR.

But then we would have to deal with miscategorized questions about both games, and that might lead to some confusion and overall decrease the efficiency of this EDR/U forum. I would rather see an IQ subcategory than a full merge of forums.

The accuracy of people using the existing sub categories for threads and posts is already pretty low, i don’t think there would be any distinguishable difference between that and merging.

Precisely. And the general lack of detail in a lot of posts wouldn’t help the confusion at all, really.

Years ago I tried to police this by moving posts into the correct subforum. All it did was use lots of my time and irritate people who thought their posts had been deleted. I don’t think this battle can be won.

No, it really probably can’t. You would need to either increase the moderator to user ratio, or raise the barrier of entry. The former is impractical, and the latter is against the spirit of the program as a whole.

People learn. If they give vague questions, people will ask for clarity. They will learn what is important and what is not. The main thing of value you learn in school is how to learn and how to ask good questions. The facts themselves are pretty meaningless when you have the processing power and knowledge base access of modern technology in your pocket. It is still critical that people learn how to ask for the information they need, either from people or from a machine, how to sort out what is real and what is not, and how to put two pieces of information together into a third.

It is irritating to have people ask dumb questions (and yes, there is absolutely such a thing as a dumb question), but it is an opportunity to help them get better at asking. I don’t think it is a valid reason to keep the forums segregated.

Funny you should say that…

So every year in the FRC forum, just before the barrage of questions that get asked, I post this in the hope that things will be better.

And by Saturday dinner on Kickoff day the forums are full of half baked posts.

Hence, my favorite saying “Hope is not a robot strategy”

I’d rather not see them merged. An SSL cert is only a few dollars, I’d be happy to contribute that.

An SSL cert is only zero dollars nowadays, thanks to Let’s Encrypt.

It’s not just the cert, I had over 32 pages of SPAM when I logged into the IQ forum in a single morning. Straight 32 pages of garbage before one valid thread. This happened repeatedly.