VEX IQ LRT... It's... GREAT!

I am glad that they made us do a couple of practice tournaments. It really helped us to figure out what we are doing.

And I am surprised at how well Rise Above plays as an LRT. Scores are typically higher than the in person version, but a perfect score is very hard to get and the teams are very dependent on each other.

How the GDC can properly balance these games before releasing these into the wind is mind boggling.


LRT is great but only when teams communicate. Our team has participated in some where the team never chatted about strategy. When you have a good team, you want to make sure the team at least does not destroy a row as you are unable to do anything with their risers. In person would allow you to at least go and take it out if necessary.
Otherwise, it is fantastic. Pretty sure scores will be maxed out at World finals though so I am curious if completion times will be used for deciding who wins.


We had everybody at least communicate on the basics and get a riser or two as needed. Yes it would stink if someone didn’t communicate at all.

It does for the finals in the tiebreakers, yes. I’m assuming that they will go by the rules as written.