VEX IQ Motor overheating..smoking..too hot to touch

Gen2 clawbot build… no claw/ or claw motor installed… just the 4 bar lift with motor

When arm is raised up … no commands to the motor… no velocity … no weight on end of arm (no claw or motor)… yet there is still a full load of current going to the motor…

had a student driving the bot to test new build and gen2 equip, bell rang… student left robot on with arm in raised position… I went to restroom and when I came back (5 mins) I could smell something burning/smoking… the motor was too hot to touch

Program running:
Standard drive program

Why is there a full load of current going to this motor when there is no commands or weight on the arm? Does anyone know if the default drive program uses “hold” commands for port 10?

yes, port 10 (arm motor) is set to hold.

ran a test here, I see motor current in the range 0.20A to 0.35A for motor 10, was not warm after several minutes of holding.


Depends, are you using a really old motor. If you are that may be the issue. If you are using new motors it may be that the motor you got there is burnt out. One of my friend’s team did this exact thing to their new motor and the motor blew out. I am not sure whats causing this blow outs but it is really rare.