VEX IQ Risers

I was wondering if the risers will always be set in a certain way because otherwise it would be hard to program the robot if the risers are in different places in every match


If you are talking about the game elements, they have two configurations, team work challenge and skills challenge.

If you are talking about the risers the field sits on, they change from Event Partner to Event Partner. But they should not change your programming.

I mean where the risers will be placed on the field- Will they always be placed in the same place?

Looking at the manual, I think it robot skills challenge has a certain layout which will always remain the same and the teamwork challenge has a certain layout which will always remain the same. Correct me if I am wrong.


That is true.
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ok thanks for the clarification

so just to be 100% certian, the skills challenge has the risers already in their group colours and teamwork challenge has them scattered

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You are correct. And the teamwork field has the colors scattered a bit more for more of a challenge.

OK thanks- but for teamwork, is it only driver control or do you also have to program?

(try page 7)

I would also recommend watching the game reveal video:

It will clear up most of your more basic questions.


already watched it 20 char

Well it seems that you are asking several questions that are cleared up within the first minute of the video.


not rlly but no big deal

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Yes rlly. (The question is literally answered within the first 40 seconds of the video)

But YOLO, right?


What’s the thread I have to post to get meme street creds on the forum???


Thanks man. Real cool.

not really lol- i onlyt started vex two weeks ago so im having a hard time understanding things due to my lack of common sense

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That explains a lot :man_shrugging:


lol what can i say…