VEX IQ T1 Rules

I would like to see everyone 's options including the Head of referee . In case the Head of Referee mistakenly disqualifies a team in a competition, After the competition it is approved it’s a incorrect call .I would like to know the appropriate course of action that both the Head of Referee and REC should follow. Although T1 Rules provides HEAD OF Referee ultimate and final authority on all gameplay ruling decisions during the competition. How can we safeguard these teams? After all, the competition’s aim is to provide students with a comprehensive educational experience. Making errors is acceptable as long as they can be rectified.

T1 seems pretty clear to me.

The recourse is the STUDENTS know the rule book inside and out and can advocate for themselves in the moment before accepting the scoring on the tablets. If they know that their position is correct, they should be able to defend it with the rules manual itself.

After the referee has made the decision and the scores are inputted, it is on to the next match.


Not calling out the refs at this event, making that clear, there rule book leaves a ton up to personal interpretation, we love our volunteers

The issue comes about when refs judgment misaligns with the students, I think most people can agree that driving into a dispenser from the yellow, pulling it off the board, and leaving it lying on the field in pieces is a S1 and G10 (or G11 The rulebook is blocked on this computer). Yet this was deemed unintentionally done at States, and therefore it was waived. I want some clarification on this “Unintentional Vs Intentional” And other things that went on during states that I do not wish to call out here.

Thank you. I completely agree that mistakes can happen on either side, and it’s important to discuss how to improve the situation. In reality, not all students are familiar with the competition rules, and some may only realize after the competition that a decision, such as disqualification, was incorrect. In such cases, is there a process for students to speak up and be heard, especially if they have learned from the experience? Major incorrect decisions can be detrimental to a team, and while the T1 rule gives the head of the referee full power to make such decisions , including incorrect ones, it’s also important to have a process in place to deal with mistakes. This is what makes the competition beautiful, as it is an opportunity to educate students the mistake need to be corrected.


“And other things that went on during states that I do not wish to call out here.” I fully understood what you mean here. that’s why i really want to discuss about the rule rather than call out specific cases.

I’d like see more people to provide their expeience