Vex kit and extra parts for sale!

Hi All,

The team has decided to split up and we are putting our Vex IQ kit up for sale.

  1. Kit is in great condition, and great to start for a new team.
  2. Contains almost all parts of the 1st gen kit, plus a bunch of additional parts added from adhoc purchases, and merging of another independent kit.
  3. Parts are all documented here: Vex IQ Kit 98052A - Google Sheets along with parts that are missing and extra parts.
  4. Incremental parts can be bought to make it a complete 2nd gen kit, at much lower cost than a completely new kit.
  5. Sale price $300 (obo).

Team Paneer Ninjas, Redmond WA

Are you willing to ship?

Hi! I am not sure what the shipping cost is, but we could split half way.