Vex Mecanum Wheel Shafts


My team is trying to use the new Vex Mecanum wheels for our robot this year! Sadly the socket for them is way bigger than our current shafts. We can’t find any part for making our shaft work with the wheels. Does anyone know/ Can send a link of what to use? Here’s a picture:


Those wheels are from the Vex Pro website, not the Vex EDR website. The wheel in the picture uses the Vex Pro hex shaft instead of the Vex EDR square shaft. Also, that wheel is illegal to be used on a robot since it is from the Vex Pro store.


I see, is there a return policy on the vex store? And could you link the correct mecanum wheels for EDR use?

You can find the EDR legal mecanum Here:

And the return policy can be found here:

Returns for credit are accepted for a period of three (3) months from the date of shipment and are subject to a 10% restocking fee


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