VEX “never bring up dead topics” rule opinions?

I think it’s fine if you are asking a question relevant to the thread and the thread is less than one year old.


My opinion is that if you have something to add to an old topic or a question that is related, it would be less clutter to post in the old thread rather than creating a new one. Any new thread is going to make searching and navigating more confusing, and if an old one circles back around in the recents queue, it’s better than having 2 similar threads looking for different answers

What would you prefer?
  • Keep it the way it is
  • Encourage reviving old threads as an alternative to new ones
  • Tell people to make a duplicate thread even in a short window

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Of course, anyone looking for an answer that is already in a previous thread, take no action. But I am talking about situations where you have a question related to a topic that hasn’t been answered yet and you would otherwise start a new thread.


I agree with @EcstaticPilot and I also think people should check before they:
a) get mad at someone for opening a less-than-a-year-old thread and
b) get mad at someone for starting a new thread that may be similar to a thread that’s a few years old


Best solution is for someone to fix the bot that automatically closes threads after a year so it actually works.


The biggest issue with reviving dead threads is a lot of the time people revive the threads with useless information. Sometimes it is perfectly justified to revive a dead thread.

This is a good example of reviving a dead thread. It added information that was useful to the initial discussion.

This is a perfect of example of reviving a dead thread with useless info. The post did not contribute to the discussion at all, and a like would have done just fine.


Maybe lock the ability to reply to posts past 6 months old, so that only higher those with membership levels can do so? That would get rid of a lot of the revives with useless info, because it’s mostly people new to the forum that do so.


I think the rule should be don’t revive threads that haven’t been active in 12 or more months if you have something good to add but 6 or more months if you don’t have something good to add that is of value but the value has to be seen by everyone and then also if it’s a good question you should be allowed to reply unless someone else doesn’t like your question but also if it’s a question that adds value it’s okay but what if there was a way to search for the answer then don’t reply but then if you’re new and you need the information you should reply but if you’re new and didn’t use the search bar you shouldn’t reply unless the reply adds value but you’re new so then maybe you don’t know what would add value but then if you think reviving a thread is cleaner than making a new topic you should revive it but if your reply isn’t exactly on topic maybe you should make a new topic anyways and then link the old topic for other people and then other people will know you searched but then you are still making a new topic that is cluttering a forum that’s already cluttered so maybe just revive the thread and say you used the search bar and say you are adding new information and also that your question wasn’t answered before at least not in this topic as far as you can tell but at this point you are scared and confused and don’t know what the rules are for something that is so trivial and inconsequential like starting a new topic or reviving a thread but you don’t want to make the rest of the forum mad so then you don’t do anything at all for fear of doing something wrong because the rules are now so confounded and confusing and you don’t know what to do and you fear that any action is just as wrong as inaction so you just do whatever you want anyways so why was there even a debate on what the rules should be in the first place and so you then argue your opinion on the forum but that doesn’t go anywhere so you go to groupchats and discords and nothing is resolved and you’re sad and still don’t have a clear answer and you also never got your original question answered.




Never before have I realized how hard something is to read if it’s not in sentences.


What did I just (try to) read?


You just tried to read what a rule would look like if it made everyone happy in every instance that the rule could be applied.


I look forward to seeing this thread revived 6 months after the most recent “last post”


Already got you:


So there is a bonus about some dead thread revivals.

I got this a few mins ago:

and I had to go back and read the thread about this. I know that I say some pretty wild stuff, but pickleball was never on my radar in 2019. (It is now, only because I’m old and pickleball seems to be a thing with the olds) But I did say:

Happy to see that it has aged well, Bryce still seems to be the leader here. He has had great seasons since then, but in 2022 was injured.

In August, Harper was designated to the Lehigh Valley IronPigs in Allentown, the Phillies’ farm team, as part of the thumb rehab from the May injury. IronPigs’ fans in Allentown greeted Harper’s appearance enthusiastically, and the park quickly sold out to its 10,100 capacity for Harper’s appearance against the Gwinnett Stripers. In his August 23 appearance with the IronPigs, Harper homered twice. So he’s still making it!

But yea, @Sidoti has it, just lock that stuff down…


Wow I once got told to not reply to dead topics when replying to a thread less than 8 months old, 5 months after the last reply.

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I know that lots if these threads are not revived old threads, but i am curious as to what is keeping them alive. Lately i notice there have been lots of chit chat threads that really do not contribute to the forum as a whole and are all of the same type. I am probably misinterpreting the rules and mission of the vex forum, but does anyone else find this strange? I am putting examples below of the kinds of threads I am thinking of, what do you guys think?

my own thread that i will admit is part of the problem

There are a few more but i don’t think they are worth adding. commenting here rather than making a new topic and feeling like a hypocrite


Dude, could you relax? You are being pretty rude towards people, please just leave us alone, people can freely add topics as they choose, the admins and mods can close them if it is not ok. Just please stop and think about what you are saying.

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@Guyishere1 , I might recommend some introspection from you as well…


Ok, I got it.
(20 char)

My topic about comebacks didn’t violate any rules or guidelines, and honestly has been enjoyed by others. If the mods think it’s fine, it’s fine- and I’ll just leave it at that. Have a great day/night. :smiley:

Edit: Also, I don’t mean to call you out or be rude/offensive- but the topics you linked all seem to have more views/comments than this one, and I can’t help but feel this has something to do with that.