VEX Public Discord Server List

Hello, everyone!
I have created a document so we can have a list of the current VEX discord servers, so there will be no more need of trying to hassle through the forum to find a link for other users. If you would like to request a server to be added, it must have at least more than 50 users in it, as well as the link MUST have it set to never expire.

I want to see this document grow, so suggest away!


I run the VEX Teams of South Carolina Discord

Thank you very much! I added that server to the list :wink:

We have the New England Robotics Discord

Thank you!

I believe that the discord link for the New England Discord has expired

(I understand this thread is a year old, but this is on-topic and I don’t want unnecessary clutter of a new topic)
The Official Texas Discord server is now available. You can join the server by clicking on the link or scanning the QR code:


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Hey, @Hagan_60883A want to link the Ohio “Rob Alliance?” This is the Rob Alliance, AKA Ohio’s discord server.

Added, @Hagan_60883A @Got_a_Screw_Loose

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Nevermind that was already posted.

I’m trying to get in the ohio or rob alliance and all the links I find say expired. Can someone give me a link please and thank you.

This link has expired