VEX Public Discord Server List

Hello, everyone!
I have created a document so we can have a list of the current VEX discord servers, so there will be no more need of trying to hassle through the forum to find a link for other users. If you would like to request a server to be added, it must have at least more than 50 users in it, as well as the link MUST have it set to never expire.

I want to see this document grow, so suggest away!


I run the VEX Teams of South Carolina Discord


Thank you very much! I added that server to the list :wink:

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We have the New England Robotics Discord


Thank you!

I believe that the discord link for the New England Discord has expired

(I understand this thread is a year old, but this is on-topic and I don’t want unnecessary clutter of a new topic)
The Official Texas Discord server is now available. You can join the server by clicking on the link or scanning the QR code:



Hey, @Hagan_60883A want to link the Ohio “Rob Alliance?”

2 Likes This is the Rob Alliance, AKA Ohio’s discord server.


Added, @Hagan_60883A @Got_a_Screw_Loose


Nevermind that was already posted.

I’m trying to get in the ohio or rob alliance and all the links I find say expired. Can someone give me a link please and thank you.

This link has expired

Several of these links are expired, I’d love to see a longer list here though. Make a new thread maybe?


please dont revive dead threads

am not sure if joke or actual rule?

It was sort of a joke, as @ketchup is well-known for reviving dead threads himself. However, thank you for replying to this very much relevant thread rather than creating a new one. @Connor could you maybe update this list? Thanks!


lol figured, thanks.

I have updated the discord server list. Any link that is within the section of “Reliable Non-Expiring Servers” contain invite links that have been active for more than 1/2 a year to a year.
If you have a non-expired link to a discord server that currently has an expired link on the spreadsheet, or there is a public VEX Discord server that is not on the list and should be, message/dm me or post here and I will add/modify the spreadsheet with the given information.
In addition, many of the VEX Discord server links are accessible from the TVA website’s header as well, and has been there for over a year now:


Here is the Discord for Minnesota-North Dakota

Original post (Minnesota-North Dakota Discord)