VEX Ratchet Tutorial

With the Recent release of VEX Change Up, I have noticed an increased amount of discussion and questions about ratchets.

In this video, I go over ratchets, how they work, and how they can be implemented on a VRC robot.

I cover 2 styles of ratchets, one with an internal pawl, and one with an external pawl.

I then go over an example of how each style of ratchet can be used on a VRC robot.

Feel free to ask any questions, or leave any comments you might have.

Also, sorry about the constant jump-cuts, it was either that or the constant stuttering.


Nice vid, it had a good explanation of the mechanics behind ratchets


Whats with the framed vex forum comments in the background tho lol



Feel free to zoom in yourself


Very nice video. This seems to be a great resource to introduce teams to this mechanical concept.


I actually built intakes exactly like that (different treads, same ratchet design. The intakes on mine actually folded out from inside the robot though). Anyway, nice video!


Yea, Eddie from my sister team is supposedly working on something similar too. For obvious reasons I haven’t seen it. From what I hear, this design might be quite prevalent this year.


Nice video. I can definitely understand motor sharing a bit better after watching this


That’s the idea! I hope this helps you, any anyone else out this season.

Very helpful!

Thanks! I finally understand how ratchets can be applied to Vex!


Glad you enjoyed it.

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Nice video! I definetly understand ratchets much more now. Thanks!

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thanks man, I really appreciate the video! I only just learned about ratchets this year with the new competition and I was very confused on how they work so this was very helpful!


Did you have to modify screws and stuff to make the rachets lock /don’t lock? I am curios because mine are seeming to to easially slip, that probbally where the need to make the head thinner to fit in the 12 tooth gear/ add a slightly stronger rubber band… I just don’t know if you have input on that : )

No, I did not

In the video you would see that I added a washer and a keps nut to the screw.

Wow, Taran I really like how you are really open with ideas this year. I did not like it how the elite teams last year with cube locks had a lot of secrecy around it, most notably 7K’s when they blurred out their cube lock. Great job Taran.


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