Vex Robotics Roller Thing Ideas

Give me ideas for a mechanism to spin the rollers on the edge of the arena. Please and thank you!!!

I would encourage beginning teams to build one of the pre-designed trainers, found here: V5 Build Instructions - Downloads - V5 - VEX Robotics 1 . These pre-designed trainer-builds represent generally good-quality building techniques (especially the “V5 Clawbot”) so you can learn the VEX building system. Each season, a new pre-designed game-specific trainer is offered (this year it is called Disco) to provide a starting point for teams to compete in early competition: typically a robot with good build quality but deliberately mediocre game performance. Once you have become familiar with the VEX building system, you can begin to look at pictures, youtube videos, game reveals, etc, for inspiration, then work through the engineering design process to build your own unique mechanism.


No one is going to give you robot ideas. Look at what other teams are doing and do something similar, or create an original mechanism yourself. As kmmohn mentioned above, you can also look at trainers like disco (which has a design to spin the rollers). Saying to give me ideas isn’t going to make people want to give ideas to you, and it comes off as demanding and rude.