VEX Sized Shoulder Screws

Does anyone know another source for the VEX sized shoulder screws? I am looking for ones with a shorter shoulder length. However, the ones from VEX have a shoulder diameter of .176", while on McMaster Carr, the 8-32 shoulder screws all seem to have a 3/16" shoulder diameter, which should be too large for the VEX holes.


I have searched for competitively priced shoulder screws and have not come up with a better priced source than Vex for shoulder screws.

However price is no issue for you! :slight_smile:

Look at the low profile shoulder screws at McMaster and you get a 1/8" shoulder option. Shortest shoulder at McMaster is 1/8" which should be about as good as you can get and they are wicked expensive at over $5 each.

Shortest shoulder I see at zoro is 1/8" for a much better price. Still not really cheap but better than $5 each

It’s commercially available… 3/16" is less than 1/4" holes too. The hammer of persuasion may be needed at times though.

On that topic has anyone found the exact same hex head screws/bolts that vex sells? I have looked to no avail.

Do you mean shoulder screws or regular button head screws? Any old 18-8 stainless 8-32 button head screws are very common.

The regular ones. I was trying to find ones that fit the standard hex drivers or wrenches. I cannot find those locally but need large amounts. It would be easier if they fit the standard hex sizes since I just bought a ton of the drivers for the teams. Oh well… I wish I knew their supplier!!!

The VEX screws are a standard size, and the drive size (3/32" hex) is the same for any screws of the same size. You can find them at McMaster Carr, or this place has good prices too:

Here are all the popular suppliers I try and use… Buy them by the 1000 many times.

Bolt depot


McMaster Carr

As long as the screws are 8-32 thread and the same overall dimensions as vex screws, they don’t even have to be hex. As far as I know it is perfectly legal to use other heads, since last year’s 1727B used flathead screws on their lift and it was fine.

They don’t even have to be stainless steel. Heck, last year the kids used some screws made out of plutonium, and nobody noticed.

Okay, just kidding about the plutonium.

Since the Torx patent expired in 1990, there are an increasing numbers of Vex sized screws available in Torx from McMaster.

And Torx is obviously better than hex, it doesn’t strip nearly as easily. At least not with the sizes we deal with in vex. Also it always bugs me how vex uses two different head sizes even though they are only 1/64 inch apart

Also it always bugs me how vex uses two different head sizes even though they are only 1/64 inch apart
Apparently there are standards for allen hex sizes per screw size and Vex went with standards rather than generate a custom one.
The whole 6-32 for motors vs 8-32 for everything else is a tradeoff to allow the motor collars to fit into the vex square holes, so the motor shaft is more precisely aligned.
How else would you do it?