Vex skills scoring confusion

My team is confused as to how skills is scored. We have read the manual over and over and know that it is red alliance-blue alliance+63. We were just very confused on the whole thing and we’re wondering if anyone could offer some clarity.

Basically, to score skills, you will find the score of the red alliance, subtract the score of the blue alliance, and then add 63. :slight_smile:


What’s confusing about it?

The reasoning behind it is to prevent negative scores and also add complexity to the skills challenge. When the blue alliance balls are not descored, then you lose points. This means that you have more stuff to do to get points, and then hopefully less people are able to max out. However, if you do absolutely nothing during the skills challenge, you would get a negative score. The maximum possible score for an alliance in a match is 63 (counting owned rows and balls scored). So, since every blue ball is scored at the beginning, blue alliance starts with the max score, which detracts 63 from your score. Adding 63 makes it so that you would end up with a score of 0 points by doing nothing, instead of -63.


We ended up figuring it out, we just were confused on the wording of it. Thanks :upside_down_face:


Happy to hear that you figured it out, here’s a longer way to calculate, but it’s a little easier to understand and works all the same.

For every blue row broken up, add 6.
For every blue ball descored, add 1.
For every red ball scored, add 1.
For every red row, add 6.

And just in case, go to the VRC hub app, scoring, then fill it all up for blue (with 15 scored not 16). Once you’ve run your match, fill accordingly, adding reds and removing blues as needed. Then plug those scores into the equation.

As Grant Cox said, you are playing a hypothetical match against blue who has scored all their balls in the first minute, now you have one minute to overcome this deficit.