VEX Solidworks Library Release Log

The VEX CAD team is also proud to announce (finally) the release of version 1.1.0 of the Solidworks library! This is the first update in around 2 years, and the library is now updated to include all the new parts (anti-static wheels, gussets, and more) that have been announced since then. There are also some new features like configurable metals, updated gear / electronics textures, and adjustable pneumatic cylinders.

This library is NOT compatible with previous versions. If you want to update, wait until you have a new project. Due to how Solidworks versioning works, this library is also not compatible for versions before 2021-2022.

For more information about all the libraries, reference the BLRS Wiki .

If you want to join the community, or have any questions, join our Discord! (The link is on our Github page)

Library Download:


Only real reason why I haven’t used Solidworks was just the un updated library. Might switch now :+1:t3: