VEX Summer Games Webcast Link

I checked on to see if they had the webcast link for the summer games since they are coming up tomorrow if anyone has them it would be greatly appreciated if you post them thanks in advance

Don’t have the info on the event yet, but the Event Partner’s meetings will be streamed today and tomorrow.

You can find them here:

The schedule for the meetings is here:

The Event Partner Summit was boadcast here:

I was only able to catch small parts of it, does anyone know whether a recording will be uploaded?

Has anyone been able to find any link to a webcast? If not, will matches and awards/closing ceremonies, etc. be recorded and made available afterwards?

A link might be posted before matches start. It’s 5 am in the morning there so we’ve got about 4 hours before the first match.

Nope…still no link yet

Just got the link from the REC Foundation Twitter page.

By my math, the qualifications should have started 25 minutes ago…

All I see on the webcast link is the Add It Up and Toss Up game videos and then it cuts off.


That’s what it was doing for me too. I haven’t seen anything change on the robotevents results page yet. Maybe they’re trying to fix the webcast?

Yep, nothing here either. Hope they are fixing things.

Link appears to be working now.:smiley:

Yeah but are they not casting anything for skyrise?

Skyrise is here, but they’re on lunchbreak. The lighting is very poor but the quality is much better than the Toss Up stream.

Let me know how it goes :wink:

Still no Skyrise webcast link to be found?

The Toss Up stream is up and working, but the Skyrise link is an old worlds stream.

Skyrise link is here.

Thank you!