VEX Svot Robot Fundraiser

Hello everyone!
As many know, I am in the process of developing a robot to gain more knowledge about coding, to figure out programming solutions that I am unaware of. As an addition, I am building this robot to better understand how acceleration, velocity, and trigonometry comes in play with a robot that has limbs that almost seem like they can collapse at an instant from their frailness. Much of what I learned is about myself, but it also is meant to help the VEX community as well. My Gravity Compensation Tutorial would’ve never been thought of or made without this robot, and to think about the possibilities this robot can provide makes me think about all the resources I can probably make for the community. As I have spilled $300 of my funds to have the resources to build this robot, I am realizing that I should save my money for college as I know I may need it. That being said, I started a GoFundMe to be able to fund the additional and probably final expenses to make the drivetrain of this robot to be complete. I require $125 USD to be able to make this robot capable of functioning properly, and without this money I will be forced to halt development until I can get the money.

I want to make it clear of what I am needing, so those who wish to donate will know where the funds will go towards:

  • 1 600 RPM cartridge. I have 3 and need one more so I can put the 600 RPM cartridges into the wheels ($11.49)
  • 1 V5 Inertial Sensor for self balancing ($49.99)
  • 1 V5 3-Wire Expander, as my 3-Wire ports are maxed out for the legs ($39.99)
  • Shipping ($16.45)

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