VEX Tipping Point - Ci2H Reveal

Hey everybody! In a combination of today and yesterday, I have been working on a CAD of a robot in under 2 hours. You might have seen me post about it in the VEX CAD and VEX Robotics discord servers.

I present to you: Floodgate

Info - 7 Motors

4 Motor 257rpm drive
2 Motor DR4B
1 Motor Ring Intake

The robot consists of a pretty simple design, as I had to CAD it in under 2 hours. There isn’t a single bearing block on this robot, because again, 2 hours.

-Simple design, using only 7 motors
-Mogo lift on the back of the DR4B for picking up mogos - can be used to carry mogos over the top of the platform, and then drop them into a safe spot.
-Speedy drive to counter defense
-Fairly simple ring intake - I really liked the type of designs from Highrise, so I decided to go with it.

Now for photos! I can’t render for the life of me, so this is the best ya’ll are gonna get.


^side view, extended
^back view, extended
^side, collapsed
^front view
^top view
^The back mogo lift starts in an upright position, with some string in the gears of the DR4B, and then falls at the beginning of the match into a hard stop.
^just needs a bit more height to reach the tall branch (my b, my b)

This isn’t meant to be the end-all be-all robot, just an idea for a team that might be out of them. It was mainly made as a test of my CAD skills and also because I was bored. It has tons of flaws, and will probably tip a few hundred times lol. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, chuck them in the replies.

Thanks, Connor Howard - Team 228A

Also, if I forget to add anything, there might be some edits later lol.


great work for such a short time span. I will warn you that spitting rings out of a tray like that really doesn’t work. They just sort of flop around and rarely land on the posts how you want them to. The key with a ring conveyor system is to retain control of the ring’s position up until the very last moment possible for consistency.

But I like the super simplicity of your design, and with some modifications to the intaking part it could be a decently competitive option. I think being able to lift goals like that is very advantageous since it allows you to place goals on the platform without climbing up it.


Thanks! I really didn’t have much time to actually think through the planning of the design, and it was kind of just done in my head as I went. This isn’t anywhere close to what my team is building, I just wanted to do this to try out some new ideas. I might do another of these when I get the time - probably maybe 5 hours?

Out of curiosity, do you have some sort of sketch prepared prior to starting or do you just take some sort of general concept and run with it?

yep, I have a notebook I do all of my drawings in. Not our Engineering Notebook, but one for just random drawings of things. I usually would plan it out in that, but for this, I just went all in and said I want a DR4B, and then kinda just went off that. Again, this was never meant to be all that competitive, just a new design that hasn’t been released yet.