Vex Tipping Point Question and Strategy


After the tipping point came out, we assembled the field (don’t ask how we get it). There are a couple questions that I have in mind.

  1. As the rule stated hoarding one goals, I could move the netral goal with the top branches having 8 rings and hoard it?

  2. As the rules stated, 30 sec before ending, alliance aren’t allowed to touch others platform. But does it mean that we could put a goal under the platform and prevent the platform being balanced as I did it at the start of the driver period. Would that violate the rules?

  3. Is it allowed to tip over other oppositions field element?

assuming this is the only goal that you meet the definition of hoarding for, than yes. Hoarding is when you are in possession of a goal in one of the two corners on your side of the field, you are allowed to hoard no more than one goal.

I don’t see what you’d accomplish by this. If you stop your own platform from being balanced, sure your opponents can’t fix it, but why would they want to if it hurts you? and if you stop theirs from being balanced, they can easily fix it since they’re obviously allowed to touch their own platform.

if it doesn’t violate any rule, than yes. But be aware that if by tipping opponent’s alliance goals you descore any of their rings, that would not be legal.

  1. Yes, by the definition of hoarding in the manual you could hoard the neutral goal with 8 rings.
  2. No, you could not put a goal under the platform in the last 30 seconds because contact with the platform is transitive which means you would be considered as contacting the platform.
  3. It depends. No strategies aimed at descoring rings from opponent’s mogos are allowed but you could tip over the neutral mogos.

As you post these strings of rules questions, would you also please tell us what specific rules in the game manual lead you to believe it is not allowed? If something is not specifically prohibited in the game manual, then it is generally leagal, provided no other rules are violated.


Since we are allowed to hoard 1 mogo in the corner of the field on our alliance, can the other alliance take the hoarded mogo if its a neutral mogo with/without rings on it? If its a neutral mobile goal with/without rings that is being hoarded in the corner of your alliance side, and the other alliance cant take it, that would mean that one alliance could hoard one neutral mobile goal in both corners of your alliance side (so hoard 2 out of 3 of them) and than they could just keep it there and score it from there. I am pretty sure the other alliance can take it if its a neutral mobile goal being hoarded in one alliances’ corner. Is this right?

Is a robot allowed to hold multiple goals at once? What is the definition of hoarding goals? How mobile goals can a team have on their corresponding side?

Hoarding and Possession are not the same thing.

The game manual defines hoarding as follows:

Hoarding – A form of Possession. A Robot is Hoarding if it is in Possession of any Mobile Goal in either of the two (2) corners of the field in their own Alliance Home Zone (i.e. positioned in the corner roughly the size of one foam field tile).

There is no rule stating that you cannot possess multiple goals, so you can do so, as long as you don’t go and position your robot in a matter than would then cause the goals to be labeled as hoarding. There are also no rules on how many mogos you can have on one side… because they’re worth points… and you need points to win the game.


Which remember, should NOT be confused with “Super elite, game-breaking strategy. lol vex is so dumb i cant believe they didn’t think of this”


me neither


Is there any rule that prevents a team from going onto their platform before the last 30 seconds of the match?

Nope. You just restrict your ability to score more points through rings, and your opponent can mess with you to a certain extent.