[VEX TM app] I have trouble scheduling matches

Hi everyone. I can’t figure out how to generate the match schedule below with VEX TM app for Robotics Competition in my country next year.

Can anyone explain how did they generate the schedule? Thanks a lot!

Documents and links for references:

This is my attempt with 3 field sets: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 with 10 mins/match
How can I rearrange the start time like the aforementioned pic?

The number of field sets should be equal to the number of concurrent matches. So you want two field sets with three fields each. Field set one has fields 1, 3, 5 and field set 2 has field 2, 4, 6. The match spacing should be set to the time between each match, in my case it’s 2 minutes.

Here’s what my setup looks like:

and here are my matches:


Thanks, Mike!
I think I got it!
But if the match cycle time is 2 mins and the Field sets are 1-3-5 and 2-4-6.
Why the time between Q13, Q14 and Q15, Q16 is only “1 minute”?

After checking the live stream, I can see that the pattern repeats until Q358

It looks like the match cycle time was not 2 minutes exactly, or at least not 2 minutes for the entire schedule. It is possible to create multiple blocks of matches at different cycle times. Many EPs will start the day with a slower cycle time (such as 2 minutes) and then increase the pace after a few rounds after the event is underway. This can allow for some extra time to work out any problems at the beginning of the event.

The other thing is that the schedule is only showing match time to the nearest minute, so if you have a cycle time that is 1 minute 50 seconds or something like that, the schedule will skip a minute every few matches as the times get rounded off.


thanks! I got it.
I’ve just tested on TM app with various match cycle times (MCT): 1 min 50s, 2 mins 20, 2 mins 30, …
It’s all about the display of time on the match schedule. If 1 mins < MCT < 2 mins, then it will display the same as 1 min MCT. This rule applies for 2 mins, 3mins MCT and so on…
After a certain amount of matches, the match schedule will change depending on the accumulation of time.
Problem solved! Thanks a lot! :smiley: