VEX Toss Up Simulation

I’m having problems with crossing the Bump in the simulator. About 20-30% of the time, the robot gets stuck. As in, it drives into the bump as though it were a wall. When my routine works correctly, I’m pulling 30 points in the cylinders in the first minute. When it fails, I get between four and eight.

I was wondering if anyone had been playing around with the program and had found a way to stop it. If I could just get this resolved, I’d be a very happy person.

The arm may be getting in the way; try raising the arm a bit to see if that helps clear the bump. Also, which build of the game are you running (this can be found in the Add/Remove Programs menu in the Windows Control Panel)?

If you would like to post your code or send it to me privately, I’d be more than happy to run through it and see if anything sticks out at all.

Keeping the arm up helps a little, but you need it low enough to grab game objects. I guess it’s just more fine-tuning. And at times the robot actually bottoms out on the ramp. With the arm up, it won’t fall forward onto the other side for the front wheel to grasp. The robot takes the bump better forward than backwards.

Thank you very much for the offer of help, but I’m not ready to send this out to anyone yet. It’s still rather buggy, my comments are a mess and it just feels wrong getting professional help for a competition. It’s not a matter of my syntax or commands being wrong, it’s just a matter of getting the intervals perfect.

I guess I have another question, if you don’t mind my asking. Why doesn’t the digital robot do the same thing every time I run the code? On an actual robot with the battery level changing I understand, but the simulation shouldn’t be having this kind of problem. It’s just frustrating to try to write a two minute program that will have one glitch 45 seconds in, forcing a reset of the entire run.

That sound like a pretty good simulation of a real robot, it always interferes with my perfect code :slight_smile:

Story of my life. :smiley:

I’m sorry, but I can’t find this information. Yesterday I downloaded a file titled “RVW_LevelPack_VEXTossUp_100.exe” and installed it. In my Uninstall/Repair Programs menu, no version or build information is provided.

Oh, thank GOD.

Any way we can provide input for the new robot models?

This was one run out of something like a dozen. The robot runs different distances almost every time. But hey, the first minute of the code is theoretically working.

I’m not thinking I can score over 55 or 60 points in the two minutes. Anyone gotten beyond that?

Sure thing, you can PM me ideas/models/etc directly and I’d be more than happy to pass them on to the RVW team. I can’t promise that any or all of the features will be implemented, but we’re always happy to investigate new ways to improve our products.

For the other questions, take a look at the answers posted on the third page of this thread ( I will update the ROBOTC forum inquiries as well.