VEX Tower Takeover 21000C 66 Point Driver Skills (Robo Bonanza @ Beckman)


Very impressive! I like that thing you do where you push that cube into the goals before placing a stack.


we actually do that in our autonomous too


Yeah, I’ve seen that. neat trick to get one extra cube.


Spider Gupta :eyes::eyes::eyes:


not that impressive really. I’ve seen more than 110 points in 1 min.

Skills auton is one minute.

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I guess for now 21000C is the only decent stacker bot


I’m talking about driver skills.

The highest score in the worlds skills standings is 114, second highest as 84. To be honest their skills of 72 and being ranked 6th shows impressiveness and greater capabilities, so if you wish to reply with “not that impressive really,” you need to provide evidence yourself proving that it isn’t. Otherwise, there is no constructive criticism out of your argument. Do you have video evidence as to a score of 110 as a normality in your region, where there are multiple teams capable of scoring such an amount on average?


well… I’m in China and other teams may consider it an offence if I tried to film their driver skills. But if there’s already online footage should be available if you search for the team number 8192. Both A and B are capable of scoring 110+points.Edit: regularly.


Good for them, but this score is still better than a large percentage of teams and therefore impressive, what do you get in skills?


28pt auton(maybe 40 if I can get it right). and that’s the end of the story for me. I’ve never really got around to practicing driving in skills. My driving is nothing impressive.

Team 8192 is the 2017 world champions. By comparing a team that has won worlds to other teams, probably 95-99% of all teams in VEX ‘would not be that impressive.’


Nice, maby see how hard drivers is before you say it’s not impressive. Yes, other teams are better but that doesn’t mean someone isn’t impressive


but only if we compare ourselves to the best teams and learn from them can we get better ourselves

Then maby try to learn something from 21000 instead of being rude


actually I kinda did. their extra cube method is kinda applicable to traybots as well also I use a tray bot. you can push a cube into the zone and kinda ride onto the ramp and place an extra cube than your tray really allows you to.

Then why did you say it wasn’t impressive? They did something basically no other team does

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You are imposing your extreme expectations on other teams. This is not beneficial in any way, shape, or form, and it can be detrimental rather than supportive to most teams in my opinion and from my experience. I have always had high expectations of myself and I believed that not being the best means Im not normal. For an entire season I never was satisfied because of this, and likely because of these high expectations I never had the chance to have a clear path to get better, because I would take too large of steps I can never land rather than taking steps I can achieve to get better. This is why I despise that thought process.

My moral for teams: Dont take steps that are too large that you can never land, take things along a pace that you are capable of achieving, and you should get better and better.