VEX Tower Takeover on ROBLOX Project

wow that is looking pretty sick so far, good luck dude


When everything is made and finished Ill try :ok_hand:

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This is wild - way to go. Can’t wait to see the final product.

If your trying to make it as accurate as possible, making the virtual vexDB should not be that hard because it does not actually have to work.


imagine all of the physically impossible garbage bots that could be made if you let people make their own robots


Woah, nice! I made a Roblox version of the 2018 FRC Season last year and I think this is going to be an amazing project! PM me at 1234wyatt4321 if you want help as I am very familiar with the Lua language.
You can check out my FRC version here:


If a wallbot is unable to be broken it will be op

This looks awesome! I hope that this will succeed, however, must make sure that rules are all followed

This is great! It could definitely be used for testing strategy among different teams without having to build bots.

I love how memey this is but also could be kinda cool and fun to play over the break.

God speed!

Yeah, I will admit it is quite memey XD
I made the hub for the server, but currently I haven’t made the teleport service, server listing, and other features. (I will do it last so when I make the teleportservice you will be able to drive and compete when I finish with the game) I am far from finished, so it may take some time for me to allow players to compete yet. I got collisions scripted for the perimeter, but I also need to script collisions for the tower poles, other robots, as well as cubes.
When you will be able to play, it will be through this server link:
I plan to use no physics ROBLOX provides and just code my own, so you don’t have blocks hopping or flying out of the field for some random reason XD
EDIT//: Yes, there’s audio visualization which is why there’s a small screen shake whenever the volume output increases


Would I have permission to make a minecraft command block port of this?


Well I can imagine how hard it’s going to get everything at least somewhat functioning, Also I wonder if it might be a good idea to have invisible walls around the fields, just in case the cubes somehow flip out, or even robots.

P.S I already like the welcome screen.

Wow. I might actually play ROBLOX again. Can’t wait.

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So would it be possible for us to code the robot in this virtual world? I know it would be difficult if there is no core readily for it…
But if it was/would/will support that feature, that is just amazing.

// I admitted that my grammar is poor :upside_down_face://

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I will consider everyone here to be alpha testers. The game is far from finished, but I have a specific password to be able to test the game out so far. Play the game, and while the menu is running spam the “J” and the “K” key on your keyboard at the same time and it will teleport you to a tournament server, where you can test out the robot yourself.
Note: Manipulation is not made yet but it will be made soon. Then I will need to work on score tracking and violation tracking.
EDIT//Noticed a robot assigning problem, got it fixed
EDIT//Noticed robots tipping, created anti-tip


Wow Connor this is truly amazing. Not gonna lie when I saw you starting this project i didn’t think you would succeed as the amount of conditions and scenarios you have to think out is insane. I’ve never coded with roblox or however you’re doing it but i’m sure coding so much physics with actual robots is difficult, especially collision detection and being able to intake etc. Good luck and I’m excited for how this turns out, as similar concepts could be made for future games.


This is super cool! Can’t wait for the final version.

I don’t think this was supposed to happen.

Remember to cite the game manual rule that was violated :slight_smile: