Vex Turning Point launcher

I would like you to see the launcher and could you please tell me if it works to flip the flags?

Ya this would probably work to flip most flags but might not be as consistent on more stiff ones

Ok thank you very much for the comment, how high should it be the intake from the ground?

The distance from the floor to the shaft should be about half an inch to an inch more the the height of the ball

3 inch? is okay with the roller?

Before you continue, I just want to remind you that Turning Point is no longer the current game. The new game is Tower Takeover.


yup it should be enough, and sidenote its probably going to be hard to find a complete flag pole

looks good, but try making a DR4B for Tower Takeover or a 6 bar.

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how I can build a lift like this to tower takeover

Please make a new topic about how to make a D4RB as in the video. This topic is old, was about launchers, and is in a category for Turning Point.

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Nobody answer me hahaha

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@DRow I think you know what needs to happen