VEX U Qualifying Criteria


This isn’t really a question on the VEX U Skyline game but this seemed like the best place to put it… but please move it elsewhere if there is a more appropriate forum. :slight_smile:

I was searching for the qualifying criteria for the 2014-2015 VEX U World Championship and was not able to find it. I was able to find the criteria for the high school and middle school divisions here:

along with other useful information. Is the criteria available anywhere or is it still being decided (as I seem to recall there being talk of changing it at the VEX U meeting in Anaheim last year but my memory is a bit fuzzy… comes with age I suppose)?

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I’ve moved this thread to the Official VRC World Championship Q&A (2014-2015)

Thanks for the question. We are putting the “final touches” on the VEX U qualification criteria and should be able to share more detailed information soon. In summary, VEX U teams outside of the United States still qualify for the World Championship is a fashion similar to previous years. This season, the REC Foundation will be working with our impressive network of Event Partners in the United States to provide more focused opportunities for VEX U teams to qualify for the 2015 VEX Robotics World Championship. Please check for more information in the coming weeks.