Vex U worlds qualifications?

The vex u worlds registration page shows that there are 80 spots open to compete 37 of those are from the United States. The vex world skills standings only shows teams that have put in skills scores at official vex U events. Is there any place to see teams that have put in skills scores at high school events? Are those teams even in the running to be given a spot through skills?

Yes, this happens because the only official skills scores come from official events. Runs done during practice or at a scrimage are not added to the world skills standings.

You can see these scores at the High School Skills Standings.

If VEXU worlds does not have enough spots, it will give these extra spots to the top unqualified teams on the leaderboard.


Pretty sure I don’t see any VEXU teams on the High school skills leaderboard lol.

VEXU teams are allowed to run skills at high school events with the permission of that event’s EP, but these scores are kept separate from the scores of the VRC teams competing there, and (I believe) are directly uploaded to the VEXU skills leaderboard.


The VEX U entry will not show up on VRC worlds ranking. Depending on the RSM, they can choose to attach the skills score to the VRC event, at least for LRS events. See Ontario VRC Provincial Championship : Robot Events

If you do not see a timestamp on the vex U skills entry(worlds ranking), it is likely ran at a VRC event and then manually uploaded by the RSM.


Ah I see, I interpreted that statement wrong.

For VEXU teams that run skills at a VRC event, there is a form that is completed by the EP and those scores are manually added to the VEXU skills standings by the region’s EEM. It’s been a while since I’ve needed to do this as an EP, but I recall it involved requesting a form from the then RSM. This process usually takes a few days, especially if an event is on a Friday or Saturday when EEMs are supporting events and don’t have time to manually enter those scores till the beginning of the next week.