There’s been a lot of disgruntled posts regarding changes to the competition structure.

Let’s talk about something I’m sure we can all agree on: the new VEX U changes allowing unlimited machined, printed, punched, etc. parts is amazing!

Unlimited pneumatics, too. Awesome, but expensive! Our fist order of VEXPro parts came this week, including roller bearings for thunderhex shafts, and also for 1/4" HS shafts: we’ll be seeing some great mechanisms this year.

This entire year is exceeding my expectations. The possibilities these changes open up towards robot design and pure sensor processing power is insane. With processing of sensor information now allowed outside of the V5 brain, you could conceivably allow a micro controller determine the exact position the robot has on the field, and then relay that information via a single connection back to the cortex. That would allow the micro-controller to handle a vision sensor, multiple sonars, etc. all in one…

Not to mention hardware filtering…

Wasn’t this already allowed through VUR7 last year?

Yes, several U-teams pre-processed data in past years.

VEXPro can be used ??

They announced that during the skills finals a few months ago. you can use vex iq parts too

even CIMs and 775pro?

You cant use motors and all that since vex u is limited to v5 only and that would also be super op.

Be sure to review the VEX-U appendix especially VUR-2, 3, 5, 6, and 10, that give the allowances and exclusions. “CIMs” and 775pro are on the exclusion list.

There are also some clarifications in the official Q&A that apply to VEX-U.

I’ve floated the idea of creating a VEX Unlimited, same VEX U rules, but open a new tier to HS roboteers. I’m currently working with two Universities doing VEX U, but really worry that there isn’t enough competitions for them to play at. The travel to events is often more than the cost of the robot. :frowning:

At the EP Summit that was the concern of Paul and Dan and the GDC with VEX Unlimited.

I have a few teams compete in the Open Division every year at the US Open, and I’m so down to mentor teams in a VEX Unlimited competition. I’m so open to hosting events in my area for VEX Unlimited if they wanted a pilot version of the competition.

I apologize. It’s been a while since I’ve competed!

Pretty neat stuff.

Can you say some more about what their concerns were.

Would like to know more about this too, VEX unlimited sounds like a great idea for teams that are able to fabricate own materials along with using VEX control system. More freedom to work.

We had almost pulled the trigger on VEX Unlimited for the 2016 season (BTW, that’s the name we called it internally back then, sorry Foster you’re not that original :)), but due to feedback from the VEX U teams at the time we decided to put it on hold.

The reasons we are concerned about VEX Unlimited is the effort and resources it will take from the EPs. We are making strides to try to reduce that effort and we believe VEX Unlimited will significantly increase the load on the volunteers. Besides, we are also concerned that the team demand will be much larger than events willing to hold VEX Unlimited events and that will just cause frustration all around. I believe the RECF is trying to figure out how to engage the EPs on this subject because we all think there is demand for such a program.

How different in scope would VEX Unlimited be in comparison to the Open Division at the US Open? In terms of materials allowed or the freedom teams had. I know where I’m from in VA we send a few teams to the Open Division every year, and we’d love to host something like that in our area.

Would love to pilot an idea like VEX Unlimited. I know a few of us EPs in VA have the capacity to hold a lot of events, so it might be plausible. It definitely piqued my interest while at the Summit.

@Paul Copioli I agree that it’s more of an effort for the EP’s. As a mentor it would be a LOT of extra work, and I’d need to pick and choose who would do that. I can see going from being able to mentor 4 VRC teams becoming just mentoring one VEXUL team.

I love that it’s something for the more engineering oriented roboteers could work on. Glad to hear that there is thinking around it. I think with the control system changes and B01 that I’m good for waiting. Let me know if I can help any. Until then, I’ll keep poking the community colleges to see what they want to do.


For MCCC, the initial changes are great, except in the pocketbook. But it’s pretty wide-open now on what we can do (with the unrestricted pneumatics). We’ll have to see how V5 performs to see if the motor and control really makes a difference and if there would be a huge advantage, given the compactness of a U-bot, to having the various larger motors and gearboxes. For us, any limitations on the electrical system are made up by the use of pneumatics.