Vex v5 brain stuck on this screen

I just got a new v5 kit from my teacher. I charged the battery and I connected it to the brain. The brain turned on but it immediately went to a black screen with these buttons: ADI loop back, ADI short test, motor/ efuse, and lcd/ button. You can see this in the picture I provided. I’m new to vex. Could someone please help me out. I want to get out of this screen and get to the Home Screen. I’ve tried pressing on the power button and the screen buttons but they all bring me back to the same screen.

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Your brain probably doesn’t have VexOS installed, if I had to guess (a similar issue exists with some nintendo switches). You might be able to fix this using the V5 firmware utility.


You should probably contact VEX support and have them replace that brain, it’s running production test code. The button on the brain is disabled, so the only way to stop that program would be to connect to VEXcode and use remote stop. If you do that, then you would need to go to the brain settings screen, “delete all programs” and “reset all settings”. However, as we don’t know if all tests were completed correctly by the factory, I would recommend you contact VEX support, explain the situation and have them replace it for you.