Vex V5 controller values!

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get controller values from the V5 controller and use them dynamically in a separate program? Like if your trying to analyze different controller habits with joystick data, is there a python, Java, c++, c# library that can allow the controller to send data to my computer? Will I have to connect it to my computer in some way?

You would have to write your own. Is there any specific reason you want to use a program like this?

It’s to analyze controller habits. Do you know any way I can send and receive the data? With a hardware extension if neccesary?

Vex V5 controller can act as a HID device. You can use it as a game controller with your PC, and as such, you can likely use any input device recording app to collect the data.
I haven’t personally tried that but I know @Puzzlers100 did the game thing somehow.

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I believe what Taran did here gets info on what you’re doing on the controller

I suppose you could then just read what’s in the autonomous function

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