VEX V5 Parts List

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My team and myself are looking for are looking for a complete VEX V5 Parts list. Is there any that we can have that is up to date?


All v5 products

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In the event you’re looking for a complete list of parts in a particular kit, you can find that as follows:

  1. Navigate to the page @Xenon27 linked above.
  2. Find the kit you’re looking for and click on it to get to its product page.
  3. Scroll down a bit and select the tab labeled “kit contents”.

Note that these are only V5 kits, not parts that are available for individual purchase.

@huynhmi: If you’re looking for just a list of all V5 parts, your best bet is to look at the “View All” page, and filter by V5 control system. This link should do that for you.

FYI, that filter is primarily to show what products are compatible with each control system, so there are a few of the older sensors found at the bottom.


@DRow Yes, I have seen the website, I was looking for a part and image list.

VEX IQ has a nice parts list that we like to use for reference. There is no such list for VRC, so you will just need to go through the website.

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It does, it has an amazing parts list and we know it’s a labor of love and we love having it.

The only thing better is the sometimes Art post that tells us which IQ kit has the exact part.


What about this link?