VEX V5 Spin Up Fields

My team has been waiting to purchase fields since before Christmas. Will the backordered fields be discounted since they will become available so late in
the season?

If you are referring to the field element kits, we made the decision this week to cancel our order. We survived this long without setting up a second field, it is no longer worth the investment (we borrowed for our tournament).

Thank you for your response and insight. Not ordering was my inclination. We’re in the midst of trying to borrow, rent or buy equipment from nearby public schools that are not using their fields. However, the schools will not share. So, the fields are just sitting unused. It’s a bit wasteful. We are an independent nonprofit organization that sponsors two VEX team of homeschooled students.

FYI… We just received our portable field perimeter today. Shipped very quickly after we cancelled the game and field elements.

no. they will stay the same price. (demand > supply)