Vex Via Question

Hello guys.
I am part of a Korean team that is qualified for the 2023 VIQC world.
Currently, I am trying to download Vex via from google play, but the app is not on the site.
I tried to use VPN, but it is still not on there.
I also tried the link at Google, but after I logged in, the screen showed that there is no valid URL.
Does anyone know how to download the vex via app in this case?

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Do you have the App Store? That’s how I downloaded mine. Also I don’t know how big of a factor this is, but what device are you using for downloading the app?

If your device is part of a school or family network that has restrictions on it that may be what’s preventing you from downloading the app. I would suggest attempting to download it on a different device or waiting until you’re at worlds to download it.

We had a problem where the Play store started requiring an more modern target SDK version than what we had previously built against. We had submitted that change to the store but it got stuck during the process. We’ve resubmitted and it will hopefully be showing up soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Unfortunately, I am using an android phone, so no app store in mine.

Think I should wait to get uploaded or wait until next week :frowning:

It looks like the update made it into the play store. Please try again and let us know if that solves your problem


Oh I see it now.
Thank you so much for your help!