VEX VR Advanced

So do I have to set up students on the Advanced program for next year? How many student accounts do I get? I run 2 semesters 2 to 3 robotics classes each semester, and 1 to 2 CS courses each semester. I’d like to use the VR program with all of those kids, as an addition to what else we are doing. Is there an add-on fee for students over a certain number?

Accounts are per teacher, not per student. You just need to get a teacher license and it is good for all of your students.

More info here: VEXcode VR - VEX Robotics


Will Virtual Robot Skills still be accessible to teams who register through the system now that those applications are included under the VR Advanced offerings? Or will coaches need to now pay for that access via the Advanced subscription?

Yes - you will still be able to access the current year/game virtual skills with a team registration. What will be in VR Advanced is the game from previous year(s).


Am I to understand that Vexcode VR no longer allows students to do new text projects for its free version? The option is greyed out when you try to select it.

Correct. Python support is now included in only the Enhanced and Premium tiers.

Users can get a free license for Enhanced until the end of August 2023 by using the coupon code on the product page.


Yes. I paid for the Enhanced, and they upgraded me to premium this year. I do middle school so I don’t need the Python, but the extra playgrounds and options are worth it.