Vex.vr Dynamic Maze

Before I let my students loose in this project, I need to know the solution. My novice programming cant figure out how to guide the robot through the maze. It keeps going in circles. How do I make the robot find openings in the walls?

There is a VEXcode VR Facebook group for educators. That might be a better place to ask this question- more people that can help you will see it.

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I have not found a great solution to this specific challenge, but I have found a solution. Because of the fact that the maze’s start and finish are along the perimeter of it (i.e. not at the center or something), you can follow one wall, and it will eventually get you to the end.

So the way that I figured out was to go forward one “square”, turn right, and check if there is a wall. If there is, then turn left and continue with the previous sequence. If there is not a wall, then go forward one square and continue the previous sequence. This will have the robot follow one wall, and eventually get it to the end (very slowly).

I am pretty sure there is a better way to do it, but I haven’t found it yet. Good luck!

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Hi @MsRitter Not sure if you are talking about challenges in the curriculum ( or the VR Activities. If you are referencing the VR activities, you can access the Teacher’s Portal here:

This will provide you with a number of resources, including solutions to the activities. If you are working within the curriculum, I would suggest taking a look at the Professional Development course:

Thanks for using VEXcode VR with your students!


I have been there. I wouldnt be shouting out in the fourm for help if it was that easy.

Thank you. I will try it.

It led me to Youtube.

even more help when you search for Dynamic Maze in youtube.

There are three blocks solutions and three Python solutions given in the Teacher Portal, one of which is a wall follower as suggested.
Let us know if you need some help locating them.

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