VEX VS Code Extension giving errors in competition template

I know the extension is relatively new and still has some things to be worked out, but i began writing a code for our team and the code is giving me errors before any actual code is written, other than the motor setup.

You seem to have attached the wrong screenshot of your code.


It looks like the VEX Extension is not installed on your version of Visual Studio Code.

Take a look at this KB article for VEX Extension Setup:
Visual Studio Code VEX Extension Installation Guide

Take a look at this KB article for creating a new project or importing an existing project:
Visual Studio Code VEX Extension New Project


I have installed the extension and re installed the extension and it is giving me errors.

You have installed the PROS extension, not the official VEX extension. Uninstall the PROS extension and then install the official VEX extension and you should be good.


this is what i see, even after i uninstalled pros and installed the vex extension


So a couple of things

  • It looks like you have clangd installed, your going to need to uninstall this.

  • Did you install the c++ intellesense extension?

    • Check out this very end ot the installation guide below or download and install from here: C/C++
  • Did you import this project? It looks like it was created in VEXcode Pro V5.

    • Only imported VEXcode Pro V5 projects will be recognized by the VEX extension.

Please check out the kb articles covered in the post below.

Let me know if you continue to have issues