VEX VSCode Python Intellisense Help

I have been writing python code in VEXCode for the current competition season. Now, in the downtime between seasons, I am looking at moving to the VSCode extension.

I am familiar with writing python code in VSCode , however, with the vex module, Intellisense and code suggestions will only colour and suggest classes, not their methods and attributes (though the extension prevents them appearing as errors).

Is there any way to fix this or is it the limit of the extension’s capabilities?

The VEX extension does not provide intellisense, that’s on you to choose whatever you want, I use mostly Pylance.


That works for basic python syntax, however the VEX-specific syntax is largely ignored (e.g. for motor.spin(), spin would be white rather than yellow and there would be no suggestions after motor.) Is there any way to get Pylance to pick these methods (and also attributes) up?

Yeah like @jpearman said above, the VEX Extension does not provide intellesense but it does generate the settings.json settings needed by Pylance to find the vex stub files.

If Pylance is not installed or if the settings.json file is missing from your workspace, then
IntelliSense will not work.

Where did your project come from?
Did you Import a VEXcode project or did you use New Project?


Same here.

Sure, but it also does more. See my screenshots below:

With Pylance disabled:

With Pylance enabled:

Yup, it does this by default.

Thank you, it turns out that importing code duplicates it weirdly so there were two ‘from vex import *’ statements which VSCode did not like. Thanks again for all the help!