Vex Website?

I’ve just realized. The vex robotics website has seemed to change. Is there any information about this? It appears more outdated than the old one.


What is that supposed to mean? It looks fine and appears to function just fine with all the same content that was on the previous version of the site.

What information about this are you looking for? Unless you are administering or maintaining the site, I don’t see why you would need any additional information anyway. The site just works and has the same structure as its predecessor.


The information appears to be the same, however the font choice is bold, and makes the website appear more outdated.

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But it does seem to make it easier to go around the menus.

So then why did you feel the need to tell us?


I agree with @CarCar here, this does seem like quite a step backwards in terms of design…



Pardon my poorly done slides here, but I think the new banner makes the website much less intuitive to navigate. But this is again just my opinion, and I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on this.


I agree. I preferred the older design better, although I really don’t care too much.
EDIT: is it just my computer, or is the new header slightly blurry? the rest of the website looks sharp, but there is a noticeable blur on the header. could just be my computer though.


On mobile, I think the design looks much better than the old design.

I definitely agree that it looks outdated on desktop though.


Hey, can you do my Website Design Online Challenge? Thanks.

Although the content of the website appears to be more streamlined in my eyes, I would have to agree that something is off, and I feel that @Wes8 hit a few of the problems on the head.

Although, aren’t the statistics nowadays that 90% of website visits are from a mobile device, or something crazy? Perhaps the mobile version was the focus, and then the web designers tried to keep that same tone for the desktop version.


@wewered: It still has a few of the problems, namely the cluttered icons in the top right. But I’d agree it does look more pleasing on mobile.

@GBHS_VEX_Member: While a lot of casual internet-surfing does get done on mobile, I would think that more “serious” online stuff like ordering parts for a robot (parts orders can easily be in the $1000s of dollars), teachers researching VEX for education, and people looking for training materials or application downloads would be mostly on desktop. Although we’ll never really know unless one of the website admins tells us the exact breakdown :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. I can’t code HTML/CSS/JS to save my life… Trust me, you don’t want to have me make a site, it won’t come out pretty. :upside_down_face:


Sorry for the long post, but here we go… As someone who has done lots of web design, both coding and on online web designers such as WIX, I feel as though this website lacks consistency throughout the design of the website, is cluttered on numerous pages, and doesn’t adequately space out all elements on each page. There are however, several pages I do like that aren’t so cluttered, but in general, this website could use some work - no offense to whoever did design it. To elaborate, some pages don’t look like they belong in the same website, simply from a design standpoint. The same fonts and design elements (such as the heavy use of boxes) are not consistently used across the website (the curves on box elements are different all over the website for instance). To me it feels like 10 different designs over 10 different updates have been mashed together… In addition, your menu options are not consistent between iq, edr, and pro… for instance, the “contact us” menu item in the menu drop down on iq says “Contact VEX”, and on edr, says “Contact Us”, and on pro, it isn’t even in the drop down, but rather a main menu option that says “Contact Us”. Also, there are many pages that are cluttered with lots of elements, transparent text boxes, frequently using pictures as page backgrounds, and a lot of animation effects, which distracts the user navigating the website and makes it harder to find the info they are looking for. Also, the use of the box elements are used too often to the point it is actually kind of overwhelming. They should only be used to help make a small selection of text stand out, not for a massive amount of information like on the contact us page. One last thing that bothers me is how most pages extend to the width of my screen, but some don’t. The pages look a lot better and are easier to follow when they do not extend to the edge of the screen as you don’t have to bring your eyes so far from the left to the right as you scroll (it sounds silly, but trust me).

Some things I like. The header is really condensed which I like. It is not without its faults (mentioned in earlier posts), but I like how slim it is, as well as the iq, edr, and pro logos. The product overview page is probably my favorite. It balances a clean design with limited elements and text that don’t stretch the width of the screen, and is visually appealing.

Some issues I found…

The boxes don’t line up on this page.


Not a mistake, but this image doesn’t fit well in this space at all.


Just to clarify, in no way did I intend to offend anyone with my comments, these are simply just my thoughts, and suggestions to improve the quality of this website. If anyone would like me to clarify on my comments further, please ask. I didn’t want to type out a full length essay. To those reading this from VEX, I hope you look into improving the website, even if you don’t like my suggestions, and I commend your efforts to make the website better – no website will ever be perfect, not even my websites. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. - Aiden.


I thought it was me.just being tired at the end of the day when I looked yesterday but it’s definitely blurry.

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While there is always room for improvement, I think the site has improved dramatically.

  • It is much easier to navigate the products now. My ordering experience this morning was substantially better.
  • They’re using the BootStrap grid. (link) Things line up where the Bootstrap Grid places them, because it’s ensuring the site is responsive for all devices from Desktop to mobile phones. Everything automatically shifts to meet that goal. Try shrinking and expanding the site width on a Desktop machine.
  • Z-Pattern Website visitors eyes are not naturally drawn to the center. (reference) Also, the placement of top elements on the left and right is a strategy for handling how elements shift from small to large screen sizes.
  • BreadCrumb vs. Top Nav These aren’t duplicate links, they’re two different navigation controls with different purposes. The Top Nav allows a visitor to easily hop from VEX EDR to VEX IQ, which was previously difficult. The 2nd list of links is a breadcrumb that allows you to navigate the current ‘context’. The Top nav and the Bread Crumb happen to be similar ‘context’ on the home page, but not anywhere else.
  • The Contact Us link is probably the most clicked link on the site so they put it in a prominent place, a good decision.
  • Blurry Images - They’ve been optimized which reduces download times, the downside is that it increases rasterization.

I see a lot of technical and user interface improvements on the site, that I would say they did a great job on the design refresh.


It feels more outdated but it was something which I wanted to mention

What aspect of the header looks blurry to you? From my perspective, the header is perfectly clear and crisp.


Thanks for the great feedback. This is exactly the kind of stuff we’re looking for when it comes to the website updates we’ve made over the past few weeks.

None taken. :slightly_smiling_face: I’d probably estimate that I’ve designed / had some design influence on more than half of the website by now.

@gbr nailed it. The website is built using Bootstrap. While it’s super convenient for responsiveness, it sometimes can get caught in “weird” page widths. I think this might be the case with the screenshots you provided. Notice how the same page looks on my desktop monitor:


The page shown, (the EDR landing page) was one of the first pages I ever worked on. In full transparency, I still had a pretty novice understanding of web design at that point, and looking back, it clearly shows. Seriously, the code for that page is a complete disaster.

The second page you mentioned (the Product Overview page) was just redesigned late last year. It’s also one of my favorite pages on the site, being that I actually knew what I was doing while redesigning it (or so they tell me).

We recently started a pretty significant upgrade to the back-end of the website. While it won’t be ready until around next summer, it should (hopefully) streamline the website even more, and work out most of the subtle screen width bugs that I mentioned above.

We’re always open to feedback from our users. Please always feel free to let us know!


That gif really does sum it up :joy:


It depends on the scale. If put my browser in a window, and make it larger or smaller than one of my monitors, it’s fine. If I run it in normal full screen, the whole of what you have snap-shotted is blurry.
Like I say, if i change the window size, whatever is happening with the responsive page doesn’t like my resolution. (1280 x 1024, full screen window using Chrome)

On my laptop (1920x1080), it’s fine.

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My display is 3840 x 2160, which may be a factor. Changing the size of my browser had no effect on the resolution of the header for me.

i would honestly agree, however there is more information.